Workshop 17.07

Workshop ICUB – Social Science Section – Friday, July, 17, headquarters: Sos. Panduri 90.

Press Release and Meeting Minutes:

This workshop involved the presentation of the research report status for the six post-doctoral researchers who benefit from ICUB grants. The two young researchers (Delia Bădoi and Octaviana Jianu) who finished their three-month grant delivered a final presentation. The other four young researchers with six-month grants (Adriana Ştefănel, Ana Maria Vlăsceanu, Loredana Manasia and Mara Stan) presented a mid-term report concerning mainly the publication strategy and shared their impressions on scientific publications, rating, standards and editorial norms. The Operational Plan 2015 and the National Strategy of research, development and innovation 2015-2020, recently adopted by the Romanian Government, were also brought into discussion, aiming to identify international opportunities for research funding and means to apply for winning projects.

AStef_prezAVlasceanu_prez Meeting3


Follow-up discussions concerned visiting fellows, application to various initiatives from the European and global research community, including calls for papers, applications or attending conferences. Information on all such projects of interest needs to be actively disseminated and promoted extensively with the aid of ICUB’s scientific committee, affiliated fellows and faculty deans, using means such as electronic platforms, newsletters, official website, alumni groups, mailing lists, blogs etc. It was agreed, as Prof. Luminiţa Roşca suggested, for all members of the ICUB’s social science Scientific Committee and fellows to send an abridged version (one page executive summary) of their academic resume to be uploaded to the blog. Input for an inter-disciplinary collaboration included:

  • Mr Dragoş Iliescu’s research network proposal for Big Data collection using crawler type engines, combining IT, psychology, biology, medical sciences and possibly sociology and law
  • A Decision Study Laboratory / Center formed the joint topic of interest for a large number of ICUB members
  • Mr Marian Preda suggested, at the level of each faculty at UB, to draw and put together a list of potential acquisitions of equipment and research facilities that can be accessed through POC projects funding. This joint effort would result in applying for a POC project (operational program for competitiveness) at UB level.

Mid-term presentations by post-doctoral researchers:

Ana-Maria Vlasceanu – Presentation ICUB

Mara Stan – Learnt time

Adriana Stefanel raport icub


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