From Corporatism to Diversity: A Neo-institutionalist Study of Representative Student Organizations in Post-communist Romania (NEOSTUD)

The overall aim of the project is to analyze the evolution of the organizational field of student representation in Romania, from the structures of the communist era to the present day, so as to provide empirical testing for the recent application of a neo-institutionalist conceptual frame. The analysis will look at both systemic developments and organizational change in (a) national-level organizations claiming to represent student interest; and (b) four cases of “local” representative student associations in four Romanian universities. We will inquire into the evolution of the early post-1990 student movement and its relationship to both communist-era corporatism and transitional politics; the growth and diversification of the student organizations in the nineties; the ‘apolitical’ turn after 2000 and the pressures for professionalization from within and without; the impact of the Bologna process and of the European student movement; the role of leadership in various phases and turning points of this process; the impact of HE expansion and of the growth in student numbers on representation.

Liviu Andreescu (Project Director):

Vio Preoteasa: