Excellence in Research Prize for Young Scientists 2015

Delia Georgiana Bădoi (April – July 2015) – Sociology and Social Work 

poza 1 DBadoi

Dr. Delia Badoi is a Teaching Assistant Professor at the University of Bucharest, Department of Sociology and Social Work and a Scientific Researcher at the National Research Institute in Labour and Social Protection. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology in a joint supervision program at the School for Advance Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) Paris and University Bucharest with a research topic on public sociology and the study of the relevance and reflexivity of sociological knowledge in a French-Romanian comparative perspective.

Her postdoctoral research interests focus on the academic practices and discourses analysis in the field of policy research, critical and policy sociology analysis on educational policies and professional sociology. Her last publications: Back to sociological imagination. The challenges of public sociology for Romania, Romanian Sociology Review, no. 3, 2014; The reflexivity and challenge of knowledge society – The case of internationalization of sociology in Romania after 1989. Romanian Journal of Sociology, no. 4-5, 2015

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/deliageorgianabadoi/CV

Loredana Manasia (April – December 2015) – Psihology and Educational Sciences

Poza Loredana_Manasia

Loredana Manasia is an assistant professor at the Department of Teaching Career and Social Sciences, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. She teaches courses and seminars on Curriculum, Fundamentals of Education, Instruction and Evaluation Theory, Educational Programme Management. Prior to coming to the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, she worked for six years in social research and training.

In 2015, Loredana joined the Research Institute of the University of Bucharest as a postdoctoral researcher. Her research project focused on adapting visual methodologies such as photovoice to research academic learning.

Loredana MANASIA holds a PhD in Sciences of Education from University of Bucharest. Her thesis on metacognitive competence in high school students validated a factorial model of metacognition and proposed a training program to improve metacognitive abilities in both students and teachers in upper-secondary education. In 2010, Loredana earned her MA in Training and Adult Education at University of Bucharest. Her work focused on developing communities of practice for adult trainees using Second Life as a virtual learning environment.

Her research interests include the theoretical analysis of complex educational psychology constructs (metacognition, learning patterns, reflection, problem solving), their measurement using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and cognitive tools. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her cats.

Oana Mara Stan (April – December 2015) – Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Mara Stan is Lecturer at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, University of Bucharest and certified Psychologist specialized in organizational psychology and vocational counselling. Since 2013 she holds a PhD in sociology, and her areas of expertise include: work-life balance, bench-marking HR best practices, corporate social responsibility, HR sourcing, time sociology and urban development. She currently holds courses for bachelor degree and master’s level, teaching research methodology in HR, globalization and multinational enterprises, psychological testing and assessment, HR sourcing and employer branding, HR processes and function audit, corporate social responsibility and business sustainability.
PicMStanHer professional involvement outside academia involves several assignments as short-term research assistant and long-term counselling and work placement expert for EU-financed research and intervention programs, aiming to investigate precarious work, trade union activity and re-qualification and labor force re-insertion of unemployed, under-privileged persons. Her latest publications: “Whistle-blowing practices bench-marking for Romania-based top employers”, Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences (under review), “Learnt Time across fairy tales – kindergartners’ sense of temporality, futures planning and time socialization”. Romanian Sociology Review, vol. XIII, nr. 2/2015, „Time Use Patterns in Bucharest emerging Suburbs – from expectations to challenges”. Berlin: LAP (Lambert Academic Publishing), 2014.


Adriana Daniela Ştefănel (April – December 2015) – Journalism and Mass Communication

AStefanelAdriana Ștefănel, PhD is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Bucharest. She holds a PhD in Sociology and is interested in electoral behaviour in the society overwhelmed by the media (according to Bernard Miege), methodology in communication studies, social representation theory, nationalism and populism as styles of political communication, the political imaginary, and discourse analysis. In the last three years she has become interested in new media and the usage of new technologies in political communication and in electoral campaigns. Since 2005, she has published more than 15 articles (single author and co-author) in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and conferences proceedings; she has participated in more than 30 international conferences. Her PhD thesis was published by a highly esteemed Romanian publishing house. In 2015, she won a postdoctoral scholarship from ICUB–University of Bucharest Research Institute to conduct research on populism and political discourse.

Ana Maria Vlăsceanu (April – October 2015)  – Law

Ana-Maria Vlăsceanu is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. She teaches courses and seminars on Labor Law and Social Security Law. She holds a Ph.D. in Labor Law with a research topic on the protection of employees’ rights in the event of transfer of undertakings, businesses and parts thereof.

Poza AM VlasceanuHer postdoctoral research focuses on the protection of posted workers in the framework of transnational provision of services, employees’ rights in the event of transfer of undertakings, businesses or parts thereof and protection of social security rights. Ana Vlăsceanu is co-author of 4 books and author or co-author of several articles, such as Categories of workers transferred under the TUPE Directive in light of the ECJ case-law (Judicial Courier, no 9/2014), Constitution et Droits Sociaux. Le cas de la Roumanie (document provisoire), in conference volume Constitution et Droits Sociaux (organised by Aix Marseille Université în Aix de Provence, 4-5 September 2015, pp. 263-287, in collaboration with Professor Simina Elena Tănăsescu),  The protection of social rights in Romania, in The Right to Social Security in the Constitutions of the World. Broadening the moral and legal space for social justice, ILO Global Study, 2016 (in collaboration with Professor Alexandru Athanasiu).

Octaviana Jianu (April – July 2015) – National Institute for Studiy Totalitarianism, Romanian Academy


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