ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers 2019

Marius Wamsiedel – Triage  Workers’  Sixth  Sense  and  the  Moral  Evaluation  of  ED  Patients  in  Romania

ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers 2018

Delia Elena Mateiaș – Cross-cultural Patterns of Emotional Intelligence in Transformational Leadership for Maximizing Business Performance (EILdBiz)

Ioan-Mihai Popa – Whither (De-)secularization? European Secularism and Strategies of Counter-mobilization in Religious Civil Society in Romania

Young Researchers Grants 2017 

Andrei Ion – Emotional intelligence in the workplace: no stones unturned

ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers 2017

Popescu Alina – Learning to Dress in a Communist Style: Fashion, Politics and Consumption Culture in Romania during the 1950s and the early 1960s

Abaseaca Raluca – Post-2011 Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe: Activists attitudes towards Europe

Giugăl Aurelian – The Romanian Electoral System and its Effects: The Case of the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Parliamentary Elections

Volacu Alexandru – An Inquiry into the Normative Foundations of Conditional Duties to Vote

Young Researchers Grants 2016 

Hâncean Gabriel – Accounting for the Quantified Quality of Academic Researchers in the field of Sociology. A Multi-level Network Analysis Perspective

Băluță Oana – Is incumbency a predictor of political support for women? Does incumbency reduce gender bias in candidate selection?

Rădulescu Camelia – Making LLL a Reality for Teacher Education

ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers 2016

Andrada Nimu – Between Sexual Nationalism and LGBT Movements in Central and Eastern Europe

Ștefania Matei – ”Not Deceased, Dimensionally Challenged” – Digital Technologies of Commemoration as Technologies of the Self

Gabriel Vîiu – Scientometrics and social choice: using concepts from preference aggregation procedures to understand contemporary research evaluation instruments

Marius Stan – The Canvas of Apostasy: Romanian-British Political Sociologist Zevedei Barbu and the Critique of Totalitarianism

Carl Rommel – Feeling adrift: The inflation and burst of Egypt’s emotional-political football bubble

Andrei Vlăducu – The everyday life of homeless and social workers in Sector 3, Bucharest

Excellence in Research Prize for Young Scientists 2015

Delia Georgiana Bădoi

Octaviana Jianu

Oana Mara Stan

Adriana Daniela Ștefănel

Loredana Manasia

Ana-Maria Vlăsceanu

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