Migration in a Global Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Research Seminar

Migration in a Global Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Approach

1 November 2016 – 11 July 2017

Convener: Dr. Tamara Caraus, ICUB Visiting Professor

The University of Bucharest Research Institute – Social Sciences Division hosted a weekly Advanced Research Seminar on migration.

The purpose of this seminar was to examine how the scale and nature of the contemporary migration call for a re-shaping both of the political order and of the political and social science. Unlike the standard theories of migration that take rootedness and incorporation in the nation-state as the norm and the migrant practices enacted across state boundaries as the exception, this seminar series aims to go beyond the conceptual limits of the nation state and methodological nationalism, and to approach migration as a global phenomenon, disobeying the national borders and the inter-national state system.

The seminar was designed as an opportunity for interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary discussions between researchers coming from fields such as political philosophy, legal studies, political science, international relations, sociology, economics, anthropology, and others. It offered to the academic staff and research students from the University of Bucharest and other academic and research institutions the possibility to interact on a weekly basis by presenting their work in progress on the topic of migration from a plurality of interdisciplinary perspectives.

The weekly seminars were held on Tuesdays, 17.00 – 19.00. The languages of the Seminar Series were both Romanian and English.

Venue: Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Campus Panduri


1 November, 2016 Madalina Manea, From Door to Rhizome in Understanding the Meanings of Borders in International Migration

8 November 2016 Dr. Ruxandra Ivan, Borders, Migration and the Changing Nature of Sovereignty

15 November 2016 Alexandru Dutu, Geopolitics of the Romanian Migration and the Future of European Demography

22 November 2016 Dragos Ciulinaru, Who Protects the Universal Rights of Undesired Migrants? The Collective Evictions and Expulsions of Roma Migrants in the European Union

29 November 2016 Alexandra Deliu, Migration and identity construction: discourses, definitions, borders.

6 December 2016 Round Table: Theorizing Migration: Global Perspective versus Methodological Nationalism

13 December 2016 Roy Panagiotopoulou: Migration policy in the European Union: A neglected issue that tend to become the catalyst for the dissolution of European solidarity

10 January 2017 Round Table: Autonomy of Migration: Assessing Migrant Agency in a Globalized World

17 January 2017 Building ‘Deaths at the Borders Database’-methodological challenges with Ignacio Urquijo 

7 February 2017 Tamara Caraus, Becoming In/Visible – A Strategy of Migrant Resistance

14 February 2017  Irene Peano, Militant Research in Migration Studies

21 February 2017 Some Notes on Migration and ‘Overtime’ Labor with Cosmin Radu

28 February 2017 Corina Ilea, Mediated Migration

7 March 2017  The refugee as bare life in the camp? Agamben on refugees and the coming politics with Tamara Cărăuș

21 March 2017 “Migration for the Benefit of All”: The International Organization of Migration between the Nation-State and Migrant with Mircea Mocanu, Head of IOM Mission in Romania

6 April 2017 Round Table: Legal, Political and Social Construction of Migrants’ Illegality: Between Cosmopolitan Norms and State Sovereignty

11 April 2017 Migration and Distant Love with Jasmina Al-Qaisi 

9 May 2017 Creating Exceptions to the Law: Discourses on the Eviction and Repatriations of Roma Migrants at National and European Union Level with Dragoş Ciulinaru

20 June 2017 Round Table: Is Migration a Security Threat?

11 July 2017 Viața cotidiană a persoanelor refugiate. Tabără de refugiați, Ktima Iraklis, Paralia Katerini, Grecia