Marian Preda

Marian Preda has over 18 years of experience marian-preda1in research on social problems at the Quality of Life Research Institute, University of Bucharest, in domestic and international projects and as an expert or consultant for private or public institutions / organizations: EU, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank, DFID, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education, Commission anti-poverty and Social Inclusion, the European Institute, consulting firm.

International research programs: 2006 – 2007Short-term Senior Local Expert PHARE, EuropeAid/121961/D/SV/RO Proiect cu titlul “Strengthening the Capacity of MoLSSF in the field of social assistance and services”; 2002-2003 Advice on Social Protection of Children; 1995, 1997, 1999, 2002 Expert for UNDP, UNICEF World Bank: Theoretical and field research.

Scientific papers (selection):

Romanian Social policy – between poverty and globalization”, – 2002 – Polirom, Iasi, 208 pages, ISBN 973-683-887-0 (published PhD thesis)
Organizational behavior” – 2006 – Polirom, 248 pages, ISBN (10) 973-46-0330-2
Chapter 1 “Gender Aspects of Social Security Reform in Romania” Marian Preda, LM Pop, F. Bocioc, (pp.11-93) in “The Gender Dimention of Social Security Reform in Central and Eastern Europe: Case Studies of Romania and Slovenia” in 2006, Edited by Elaine Fultz, International Labor Organization – Budapest, ISBN 92 -2-119378-0, 978-92-2-119378-4 (chapter 82 pages, first author)
 Overlapping” Romanias “in Transition – Local, National and Sub-Regional disparities in the Social Development Indicators” in the volume “Europe – Our Common Home?” – ICCEES VII World Congress, Berlin, July 25-30 2005, Editors: T. Bremer, H. Dorenbacher, I Dose, ISBN 3-8305-1045-4
The Results of Social Policy in Post-Communist Romania: an increasing underclass and extensive social exclussion” published in volume and on the website of the Conference on “Social Security in a Global Society, Helsinki, Finland 25-27 September 2000
Pension insurance system in Romania: major problems and solutions – Co-ord. Marian Preda, authors: M. Preda, C. Dobos, V. Grigoras, IER, Bucureşti, 2004 (bilingual edition, Romanian-English), 164 pages, ISBN – 973-7736-11-7
Drug use among young people in Romania: research report – 2006 – coordinators M. Preda, G. Jderu, IA Michael, 124 pages – Save the Children, Bucharest, ISBN 973-87430-0-1
The situation in Romania young practitioners of commercial sex“, in Review of Social Research and Intervention (ISI indexed), University “Al.I. Cuza “Iasi, 2009, vol 24, pp 21-40, ISSN: 1583-3410 (print version) ISSN: 1584-5397 (online version).
The impact of changes in population structure of Romania on the social security system” – in “SOCIOLOGY ROMANIAN”, No.4, vol.V, 2007


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