Delia Dumitrica


Delia Dumitrica (Media & Communication Department, Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

Project: Discourses of Digital Activism in the 2017-2018 Anti-Corruption Protests in Romania

Short presentation: In the wake of the political visibility of digital technology in cases such the Arab Spring or the anti-austerity movements across Europe, social media have been articulated as new sites and tools of grassroots mobilization. In my research, I am interested in how such articulations develop new political discourses and ideals of citizen engagement. Discourses of digital activism are particularly salient, for they construct (new) roles and repertoires of action for citizens; and enable individuals to think of themselves as civic subjects.

This project continues my work on digital activism in Canada and the Netherlands. Given its international visibility, the 2017-2018 #rezist movement constitutes a particularly interesting case of citizen-led digital activism. In this project, I seek to bring forth the discourses associated with the civic use of social media in the context of this social movement. Adopting a qualitative approach reliant on in-depth interviews with citizen activists, the project revolves around questions such as: What civic roles and repertoires for action emerge out of the (digital) mediation of a social movement? And, how does the use of social media construct specific spaces and forms of engagement?

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