Marian Zulean

poza Zulean FB portret 2Dr. Marian Zulean is a Professor habil. at the University of Bucharest, where he teaches public policy, national security policy formulation and military sociology. He is the coordinator of the social science department at the Institute for Advanced Research-University of Bucharest (ICUB), has been a vice-dean for research at the Faculty of Public Administration and Business (2012-2016) and an adviser with the Office of the President (2001-2006).

He holds a master MPPIA (University of Pittsburgh), PhD in Sociology (University of Bucharest) and a postdoctoral Fulbright Fellowship (University of Maryland). His area of expertise includes the Public Policy Analysis, Foresight, International Security and Civil-Military Relations. He is a member of the Editoarial Board of the Annual Review of Political and Military Sociology.

Among his latest publications: “Emergency Preparedness in Romania: Dynamics, Shortcomings and Policy Proposals” and “Understanding normative foresight outcomes: Scenario development and the ‘veil of ignorance’ effect”, in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, „Systemic foresight for Romanian Higher Education” (co-author), in European Higher Education at the Crossroads, Springer, „Democratic soldiering in Romania”, in Democratic Civil-Military Relations: Soldiering in 21st Century Europe, Routledge (sabine Mannitz, ed.) and “Romania: Where Europe Ends”, in Opening the Door: Immigration and Integration in the European Union, V.Novotny (ed.).



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