Cosima Rughiniş

Dr. Cosima Rughiniș is Professor habil. at University of Bucharest, where she teaches courses in sociological research methodology. She studies digital technologies and how they shape classifications and descriptions of people, examining them as ‘equipment for living’ and self-styling. She also looks into gender and age representations and lay psychological models put forward in various media, from social software and digital games to graphic novels and school textbooks.

Cosima Rughiniș is Editor-in-Chief of Compaso – Journal of Comparative Research in Sociology and Anthropology, and Deputy President of the Society of Romanian Sociologists (SSR). She was a visiting researcher at GESIS – European Data Laboratory EUROLAB, and a research fellow at New Europe College, Open Society Institute, and Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin.

Her recent publications include: C. Rughiniș, R. Rughiniș and Ș, Matei, 2015, “A touching app voice. Thinking about ethics of persuasive technology through an analysis of mobile smoking-cessation apps”, Ethics and Information Technology, 17:295-309, Springer; C. Rughiniș, B. Humă, 2015, “Who theorizes age? The “socio-demographic variables” device and age–period–cohort analysis in the rhetoric of survey research”, Journal of Aging Studies, 35:144-159, Elsevier;  C. Rughiniș, E. Toma, R. Rughiniș, 2015, “Time to Reminisce and Die: Representing Old Age in Art Games”, DiGRA 2015.


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