Post-2010 social movements in Belgium and Romania: forms of engagement, repertoires of action and cultures of activism

This event will take place on the 31st of January, 16.00-18.00, Council Room, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Schitu Măgureanu. nr.9), sector 5, Bucharest.

Relying on the case of Belgium and Romania, the presentation analyses the reconfiguration of social movement since the emergence of the economic crisis of 2008 to the current days. Even if the two case studies show that social activism reflects the memories, past experiences and historical legacies of the particular spaces in which it develops, understanding the actors, repertoires of action, forms of engagement and dynamics of the cycle of mobilization opened after 2010 requires a perspective that articulates the different levels rather than superimposing them and that doesn’t fall neither into a methodological nationalism nor a globalism that ignores the importance of the national context. The presentation shows that it is important to avoid the standardization of mobilizations and to analyze the different activist cultures whose actors are driven by very different perspectives. The significance of movements cannot be grasped by focusing only on movements’ outcomes in the institutional policies arena since the the construction of activist networks, the transformation of personal subjectivity and the relationship to politics, the redefinition of civil society, citizenship and democracy are just as important.

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