Stephen J. Cutler

Stephen J. Cutler (Professor of Sociology Emeritus and Emeritus Bishop Robert F. Joyce Distinguished University Professor of Gerontology, University of Vermont)

scutlerProject: Promoting Interests and Competence in Ageing Research Via a Research Training Workshop

Period: February 1st, 2017 to May 31st, 2017

Short presentation: Despite dramatic increases in the numbers of older persons in Romania, the study of ageing is in its infancy among Romanian researchers.  Just as institutions of higher education in Romania need to augment their curricular offerings in the area of ageing, so too must efforts be directed at identifying potential research investigators who are interested in and competent to turn their substantive attention to the fascinating basic and applied questions surrounding this area.

The aim of the proposed project is to do just that:  to identify a group of academicians (and others) with a potential interest in studying aging; to provide them with knowledge about the challenging conceptual and methodological issues that are endemic to the study of aging; to provide them with information about sources of public domain data that can be used to study ageing; and, through a series of guided workshop meetings, to assist them with the development of research papers that can be submitted for publication.  In short, the most general objective of the proposed research is to augment the research capacity of Romanian colleagues and to do so in a substantive area that has been relatively neglected up to now, but which is of the utmost basic, applied, and policy significance for Romania.

Institutional profile and CV:

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