Héctor Calleros-Rodríguez

Héctor Calleros-Rodríguez (Fmr. University of Warsaw, Poland – COLTLAX, Mexico)

Hector_Calleros-RodriguezProject: The Politics of Judicial Appointments and the Legitimacy of Constitutional Judges

Period: September 15th, 2017 to November 30th, 2017

Short presentation: My research aims at explaining the role of Constitutional Courts in the establishment and maintenance of Democratic governance. Recent political crises suggest that a country´s Constitutional Tribunal are vulnerable in at least three ways: (1) on the appointment of its members, (2) on the operation of Constitutional Tribunals, (3) on the role of Judicial Review. The research´s main goal is to improve our understanding of the current challenges faced by Constitutional Democracies in these three areas. The theoretical foundations of this proposal are found in Constitutional Theory and Political Theory; they are the principles of Division of Power, Judicial Independence and Constitutional Supremacy. Empirically, this project falls within the scope of opinions that the Council of Europe (Venice Commission) and the European Commission have issued with regards to the appointment of Constitutional Judges over the period 1997-2017.

Institutional profile: http://www.polis.leeds.ac.uk/people/recent/calleros-rodriguez-hector

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