Gregory D. Squires

Gregory D. Squires (Professor of Sociology and Public Policy and Public Administration, George Washington University, USA)

Project: Inequality, the Financial Crisis, and the Ameliorative Role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2nd of June – 16th of June 2018)

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Short presentation: Inequality has surged in recent years capturing the attention of scholars, policymakers, community organizations, and citizens around the world. While inequality provides a critical context for understanding the many challenges cities and nations confront, it is particularly salient for coming to terms with the financial crisis and its continuing effects, including the persistent segregation of cities and metropolitan areas. My presentation, drawing in part from my recently co-authored book Meltdown:  The Financial Crisis, Consumer Protection, and the Road Forward, will examine its first five years of operation, chronicling those factors that contributed to its success and the challenges it has faced and continues to face.

One factor that contributed to the crisis and the disproportionate costs for racial and ethnic minorities has been the longstanding patterns of segregation in US housing markets.  Predatory lending practices were targeted at minority communities, facilitated by the persisting segregation of US communities.  The underlying causes of segregation have changed over the years, and the growth of various immigrant communities has altered the demography of those communities.  But the persistence of racial and ethnic segregation, coupled with rising economic segregation, perpetuates the uneven development of cities and shapes the opportunity structure diverse groups face.  The history and ongoing realities of housing discrimination and segregation will be the focus of a workshop I will conduct for graduate students in Sociology.  It will draw in part from my forthcoming edited book, The Fight for Fair Housing:  Causes, Consequences and Future Implications of the 1968 Federal Fair Housing Act. This workshop will examine the dynamics of housing discrimination and segregation in particular but will also explore how scholars in academic settings can work with non-academic organizations in applying the findings of social science research to various public policy issues.

Mr. Squires has recently received the prestigious ”2018 Contribution to the Field of Urban Affairs Award”. For more information, click here.

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