Research Infrastructures in Social Sciences in Romania Workshop

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Research infrastructures are essential for the ways in which social science research is conducted. Although research infrastructure in social sciences is less visible as compared to that employed by other sciences such as astronomy, physics or life sciences, it includes a large array of services and activities, providing support to the scientific community, insuring the transparency of research work and facilitating access to research results. Moreover, it helps to disseminate the research output to various users, from academic community to journalists and political decision makers. Through it, the research output becomes “public good” for the entire society.

Research infrastructure in social sciences includes various components such as data services for processing, documenting and disseminating data, large scale surveys which allow the analysis of mainline social change within and across societies, and knowledge transfer activities (training and teaching research methodology and data management). Its impact on social sciences is very broad, residing in internationalization, standardization, innovation and increasing the quality of research output and ethical standards through open access and transparency.

ICUB organizes the Workshop Research Infrastructures in Social Sciences in Romania to discuss the possibility to develop and extend the existing research infrastructure. The workshop will focus on the main priorities in terms of research infrastructure in Romania and finding the best suited organizational structure to the existing resources and needs. The workshop will take place on 23rd November 2018 at 11:45., Conference Room (102), Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Șos. Panduri), Bucharest.

Programul workshopului este disponibil aici.

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