Social movements and internet culture

This event took place on the 30th of May, at 5 p.m, Council Room, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Schitu Măgureanu. nr.9) , sector 5, Bucharest. More information is available below.

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”I’ll be presenting satirical hoax news websites and memes in relation to local, regional and global mobilizations. For this research, a corpus of four websites is selected: The Onion and Know Your Meme (USA), Zaytung and Bobiler (Turkey). The objective is to retrace the history of online content productions before, during and after the movements like Occupy and Gezi. We aim to understand and analyze the phenomenon of satirical newspaper websites and memes through the evolution of topics and subjects, use of language, participatory content production, and to discover differences and similarities between selected cases.”
bio Tuğçe Oklay is working on her Ph.D. thesis, “Activism and arts in the web: language as a living entity”, an attempt for an aesthetic reading of online artivist productions in relation to social movements. After finishing BA in International Relations at Galatasaray University and MA at EHESS in Theories and Practices of Language and Arts she continued studying at the University of Paris 8 in Contemporary Art and New Media department, where she studied the relationship between society and cinema from different periods and different regions: “The Representation of totalitarian regimes in the cinema of Central Europe” and “The religious elements in contemporary cinema in Turkey: religious man figures and children”. She also examined individual and collective experiences in interactive installations, studying the artwork-spectator relationship in her MA dissertation at University of Paris 8. She is interested in the change of communication, media and digital arts fields in connection with the transition from industrial to the post-industrial society.

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