ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers 2018

Ioan-Mihai Popa – Whither (De-)secularization? European Secularism and Strategies of Counter-mobilization in Religious Civil Society in Romania

Mihai_PopaMihai Popa studied sociology and social anthropology at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest. In 2016 he received his doctoral degree in social anthropology from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Mihai Popa conducted his doctoral research at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology within the framework of the research project ‘Local State and Social Security in Rural Hungary, Romania and Serbia’, with support from the Volkswagen Foundation and the Max Planck Society. His post-doctoral research was conducted within the framework of the international research project ‘Directions in Religious Pluralism in Europe: Examining Grassroots Mobilisations in the Shadow of European Court of Human Rights Religious Freedom Jurisprudence’, funded by the European Research Council (www.grassrootsmobilise.eu). Mihai Popa’s current work on the place of religion in Romanian civil society builds on the insights gained during his post-doctoral research. Mihai Popa has also taught seminars in social anthropology at undergraduate level at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. His research interests have revolved until present around the analysis of the state-citizen interface (the relation between state law, policies and bureaucratic practices, and corresponding forms of citizen engagement).

Delia Elena Mateiaș – Cross-cultural Patterns of Emotional Intelligence in Transformational Leadership for Maximizing Business Performance (EILdBiz)

The goal of the study is to strengthen the process of business performance through an integrated research model of evaluation & guidance of the dynamic relations between emotional intelligence (EI), entrepreneurship performance, and leadership style, among Graduate business students in cross-cultural settings: Romanian-British-American.
IMG_5830Former Fulbright and UNDP scholar, accredited researcher by the European Commission, and EITRI correspondent in Romania and Europe, Dr. Mateias has gained over 14+ years of research & development policy and practice in the field of leadership and emotional intelligence (EI). Delia’s teaching-research agenda is focused on the experiential triadic relationship between emotional intelligence, leadership, and entrepreneurship putting forward big data analytics for more informed educational and business decisions. Furthermore, acknowledging the demands of EI measures in a multilingual world, Delia is calling for international partnerships to cross-linguistically and cross-culturally strengthen the EI dimension.
Firstly, she acquired domain-specific knowledge, research practice and competence during master and doctoral research in British & American environments. Delia’s pioneering PhD thesis, “Emotional Intelligence in Educational Leadership”, has been internationally validated by George Washington University – the Fulbright stage. Certified Trainer and Coach with EITRI, she is author of holistic human development model “TRANSFORM”, a performance-based roadmap on leadership & personnel advancement at the individual and organizational levels, connecting experiential assessment for human development. Delia has pioneered original developments, i.e. successfully applying Mayer, Salovey and Caruso EI TEST (MSCEIT), Emotional Skills Assessment Process® (ESAP®), and other models into various business environments in English and Romanian. Delia had been awarded several research grants. Single-author, she put forward original research, turning valid theories of EI into transformational leadership practice; research findings and implications were presented at EITRI Annual Institute for Emotional Intelligence. For further information about how to jointly develop an international partnership, please contact Dr. Delia Mateias at: delia.mateias@gmail.com