Event: Disruptive Democracy, with Anthony T. Silberfeld, (The Bertelsmann Foundation, Washington D.C.)

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More than two millennia later, many hold democracy as the only legitimate system of government, though it is practiced in various forms. From direct and representative democracies to presidential and parliamentary systems, countries have adopted structures of government that best reflect their history culture and national identity. And while each is distinct in its day-to-day implementation of democracy, all have one thing in common: new technology is upending the very notion of what democracy means in the 21st century.

This is where Disruptive Democracy begins. In January 2017, the Bertelsmann Foundation embarked on a nine-month journey around the world. The publication is divided into six chapters: five case studies (India, Cuba, the United States, Israel and Germany) and an appendix of online polling data from each case study (excluding Cuba due to internet restrictions). Within each chapter, you will find two parts: the first provides an “outsider’s” perspective on the case study through background research, on-the-ground interviews and open source data; the second, written by a local expert, provides an analysis and potential solutions to the challenges highlighted in part one.

The event will take place on the 9th of November 2017, at 3 p.m., Council Room, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Schitu Măgureanu. nr.9) , sector 5, Bucharest.

Anthony T. Silberfeld is the lead author of Disrupting Democracy. As director of the Transatlantic Relations program of the Bertelsmann Foundation, he oversees the design and execution of projects covering a range of topics in the Euro-Atlantic sphere including politics, economics and social challenges.  Tony joined the Foundation after seven years with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office where he was head of political and public affairs at the Northern Ireland Bureau. He also served as Northern Ireland government spokesman in the Americas and advised Northern Ireland’s government ministers on political developments in the United States, Canada and Brazil. Prior to his tenure at the embassy, Tony spent several years as a foreign policy advisor in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. He also spent time in the private sector in the international team of Booz Allen Hamilton.

The Bertelsmann Foundation (North America), Inc. established in 2008, was created to promote and strengthen the transatlantic relationship. Through its research debate forums and multimedia tools, the Foundation provides analysis and solutions to the most pressing economic, political and social challenges impacting the United States and Europe.

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