The international workshop on Graphs, Networks and Digital Humanities (9-10 October, 2017)

The Research Institute of the University of Bucharest (ICUB), the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) and the ICUB research group on graphs and social networks (GraphNets) will organize, between 8 – 11 October, the international workshop on Graphs, networks and digital humanities. The workshop will be held at Casa Universitarilor (46, Dionisie Lupu St., Bucharest).

Graphs, networks and digital humanities is a three-day international and interdisciplinary workshop for academics, researchers, post-doctoral students, PhD candidates and other interested participants, irrespective of their research fields, attracted by the idea of exploring the theoretical and applied nexus among social sciences, humanities, mathematics and computer science, under the umbrella of network analysis. The workshop provides a general platform for discussions and talks on the specific ways of applying network analysis to a great variety of research topics in the field of social sciences and humanities. Specifically, the oral communications, during the three days of workshops, are believed to: a) advance participants’ understanding of the potential that tools from mathematics and computer science have for the research agenda embedded in the boundaries of social sciences and humanities; b) stimulate the spread of ideas and thoughts in a World of Science wherein interdisciplinary research approaches and coauthorship structures tend to become the norm.

The workshop has a manifold substance, covering research ideas residing for instance in history of science (e.g. the structure and network of cosmological knowledge, the network analysis of 17th century experimental societies or of the Renaissance of general relativity, the experience and reflection in a long-term history of spatial concepts), sociology (e.g. the statistical modeling of coauthorship networks in science), anthropology (e.g. transnational migrant networks), computer sciences (e.g. the revisiting of the preferential attachment principle with application to Twitter) etc.

Though eclectic in its nature and wearing a heterogeneous profile, the workshop’s content is compatible with the recently marked tendency of network analysis to pervade and permeate almost every field of research, from psychology and sociology, to physics, history or philosophy. On these grounds, the workshop is expected to make significant contributions to the emergence of interdisciplinary collaboration among participants.

The Scientific Committee of the workshop: Marian-Gabriel Hâncean (GraphNets, University of Bucharest), Dana Jalobeanu (ICUB, University of Bucharest), Laurenţiu Leuştean (ICUB, University of Bucharest)  and Matteo Valleriani(MPIWG).

More information regarding registration and programme is available at

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