Scientometrics and Social Media in Promoting Research Results (19/05/2017)

The event will take place on the 19th of May, 2017 at the Council Room of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work (Schitu Măgureanu No. 9), starting at 4 PM.

16.00 – 17.00   Presentation of projects currently funded by the Social Sciences Division within the ICUB. Each fellow will deliver a short exposition (5-10 min) of current research status and will answer questions and suggestions regarding problems, suggestions for improvement, publishing status, etc.

17.00 – 18.30   Workshop on  Scientometrics and Social Media in Promoting Research Results (academic web profiles such as & ResearchGate, the H-index, the ICUB institutional profile – proposals and suggestions are welcomed).

Current fellows of SSS-ICUB 

Young Researchers Grants 2016

Hâncean Gabriel – Accounting for the Quantified Quality of Academic Researchers in the field of Sociology. A Multi-level Network Analysis Perspective

Băluță Oana – Is incumbency a predictor of political support for women? Does incumbency reduce gender bias in candidate selection?

Rădulescu Camelia – Making LLL a Reality for Teacher Education

ICUB Fellowships for Young Researchers 2016

Andrada Nimu – Between Sexual Nationalism and LGBT Movements in Central and Eastern Europe

Ștefania Matei – ”Not Deceased, Dimensionally Challenged” – Digital Technologies of Commemoration as Technologies of the Self

Gabriel Vîiu – Scientometrics and social choice: using concepts from preference aggregation procedures to understand contemporary research evaluation instruments

Marius Stan – The Canvas of Apostasy: Romanian-British Political Sociologist Zevedei Barbu and the Critique of Totalitarianism

Andrei Vlăducu – The everyday life of homeless and social workers in Sector 3, Bucharest

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