“Migration for the Benefit of All”: The International Organization of Migration between the Nation-State and Migrant with Mircea Mocanu, Head of IOM Mission in Romania

This event is part of the seminar series Migration in a Global Perspective and will take place on the 21st of March, Room 102 (Conference Room), Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Panduri Campus, Șoseaua Panduri 90, at 17.00.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is a reference point in the global debate on social, economic and political impact of contemporary migration. Committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits both migrants and society, IOM acts globally to assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management, to advance understanding of migration issues, to encourage social and economic development through migration, and to uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants. By using the language of unconditional hospitality and humanitarianism, the IOM appears as a global institution with a cosmopolitan agenda, operating at the intersection of nation-states, international human rights regimes, and transnational governance. In this context, the aim of the seminar it to examine how exactly the IOM activities reshape the relationship between the nation-state and migration: Do the IOM activities enforce or undermine the contemporary nation-state? Does the IOM act on the behalf of the nation-states or on the behalf of migrant/refugee/asylum seeker? How does the IOM achieve a consensus between these two (conflicting) poles? What kind of world does the IOM shape through migration management – a world of nation-states continuing to protect their borders or a world of free movement for all? Can migration control and management, even human and orderly, be fair and just for everyone and adequate to the ideal of humans as free and equal beings?

The head of IOM Office in Romania, Mircea Mocanu, will answers these questions by illustrating the IOM’s role as a mediator between migrant and the nation-state and by explaining the global-local nexus in managing the flows of migration through the activities of the IOM Office in Romania.

Short Bio: Mircea Mocanu is currently heading the IOM office in Romania. Together with his team of professionals, he is actively involved in the implementation of practical solutions to assisting migrants in need, victims of trafficking and stranded people seeking emergency consular assistance. Before IOM, Mircea’s professional experience included assignments with UNDP, EU and the FCO in SE Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe, where he successfully carried out socio-economic programmes in line with the MDGs. Mircea is a strong advocate for inter-institutional cooperation and communication amongst governmental, non-governmental and private-sector stakeholders, often availing of the convening power of IOM to mobilize relevant resources to help out those most in need of support and assistance.

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