Some notes on migration and ‘overtime’ labour with Cosmin Radu

The event is part of the seminar series Migration in a Global Perspective and will take place on the 21st of February 2017, Room 102, Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, Panduri Campus at 17.00.

Trying to respond to an increased preoccupation in migration research with the political organisation of migrants, the presentation explores theoretical and empirical connections between temporalities of migrant labour and some form of migrant ‘political’ agency. Low paid migrants’ engagements with paid overtime labour are not only seen here as an indication of further commodification and fetishisation of their labour and their more general biographies, but also as nodal points in the development of a collective ‘critique of labour’ – practices emerging at workplace which run counter various differences and ‘tribalisms’ (national, ethnic, racial identities) conveniently used in labour arbitrage practices or in the labour process itself.

Short bio: Cosmin Radu is in the process of obtaining his PhD in Sociology from the University of Bristol, UK with an historical-ethnographic research on how the Romania-Serbia border has been made and unmade by practices of cross-border mobility since the end of WWII. Cosmin received degrees in sociology and social anthropology from the University of Bucharest, Central European University Budapest, and the University of Manchester and developed a sustained interest in borders and migration which is reflected in a number of publications.

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