Behind Iron Curtains (BIC70), 2015-2016, Romanian Results

This presentation will emphasize the research and educational dimensions of BIC 70 Project with a focus on the Romanian team activities, namely on the one hand advancements on social representations and memory of the Romanian communist past and on the other hand the University of Bucharest students’ involvement in preparing short movies about life under the communist regime. The transversal axis is a European one questioning shared social representations of the past in former communist countries.

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About the BIC 70 Project
BIC 70 Project is co-financed by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union and implemented in four countries between September 2015 and December 2016. The project is promoting the history of Europe 70 years after WWII, and fostering a sense of ownership for how the European Union develops. The project focuses on the contrast of the evolving dictatorship of the party state and its crimes against the democratic system of the EU nowadays in order to make the citizens aware over the opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement at EU level.
Lead Partner: NEB – Committee of National Remembrance (Budapest- Hungary)
Partners: Institute of Sociology (Romania); Academy of Social Sciences (Poland); Post Bellum (Czech Republic).

Valentina PRICOPIE is senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology (Romanian Academy) in Bucharest, where she coordinates Social Europe Research Laboratory. Her areas of research include: Media Discourses and Social Representations, Europe and European Memory Studies, Sociology of Human Rights.
Luminița ROȘCA is Professor in Journalism at the University of Bucharest, where she teaches Media discourse analysis, News writing, Newspaper Management. She is member in the Scientific Committee of the Social Sciences department of the Institute for Advanced Research – University of Bucharest (ICUB).

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